"The Ancient One"

A statement piece that tells the story of the ancient past.
Influenced by pirates tales and hidden mysterious treasures, the 3D modeled Skull assembled out of 120g sterling silver and 12g of 14k gold.
Inlayed with carefully selected Meteorite, Dino bones, Ammolite, Brown and White Mother of Pearl, Fossilized wood with opal veins and Ethiopian opal at the bottom.
In addition, 9 Sapphires and 6 rubies to make it real glorious, yet not flashy.
The Skull keeps a precious Aquamarine wrapped with 14k gold ring.

NESH represents a piece of you. Our genderless avant-garde pieces are dynamic and functional as you are. With dominant, yet simple design, our fundamental jewelries precisely 3D modelled and hand-carved to perfection- especially for the bold ones.

12 precent of profits will be donated to different charity organisations in order to spread a little bit more light and joy in our planet.

Keep your centre: The “Treasure Keeper” is a luxurious jewellery

that will keep your precious things safe.

Our energy packed gemstones bracelets are crafted for you

to stand out among the livings:

Please allow 14 working days as each of our pieces is made to order per client requests.